DHC-2 Beaver[edit]

Beaver of BC Yukon

Returning to designing purpose-built aircraft for Canada's north, the DHC-2 Beaver was developed in 1947. After a survey of Canada's bush pilots, including Punch Dickins, the need for a rugged, highly versatile aerial truck that could take off and land almost anywhere, carry a half-ton load, and be very reliable, formed the basis of a new specification. The first of the STOL family that de Havilland produced, the Beaver would carve a niche into the bushplane market.

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The Cessna Aircraft Company (/ˈsɛsnə/[3]) was an American general aviation aircraft manufacturing corporation headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. Best known for small, piston-powered aircraft, Cessna also produced business jets. For many years the company was one of the highest-volume producers of general aviation aircraft in the world. Founded in 1927, it was purchased by General Dynamics in 1985, then by Textron, Inc., in 1992. In March 2014, when Textron purchased the Beechcraft and Hawker Aircraft businesses, Cessna ceased operations as a subsidiary company and joined the others as one of the three distinct brands produced by Textron Aviation.[4] (



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MAULE AIR, INC. is a family founded, owned, and operated aviation business, specializing in aircraft manufacturing, parts, and accessories, in the USA since 1941. Three generations of Maule family members continue to work side by side with our experienced team of Maule aircraft craftsmen to build the safest, most rugged and versatile light aircraft available.



Piper's J-3 Cub, a single-engine, high-wing, two-seater, was the first inexpensive training aircraft produced in large numbers. Many former military examples were sold to civilian owners over the 1950-1995 period and seem certain to see many more years in recreational use.





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