DHC-2 Beaver[edit]

Beaver of BC Yukon

Returning to designing purpose-built aircraft for Canada's north, the DHC-2 Beaver was developed in 1947. After a survey of Canada's bush pilots, including Punch Dickins, the need for a rugged, highly versatile aerial truck that could take off and land almost anywhere, carry a half-ton load, and be very reliable, formed the basis of a new specification. The first of the STOL family that de Havilland produced, the Beaver would carve a niche into the bushplane market.




double departure (002)



Piper PA-31

Corporate twin and commuter aircraft. In service since 1965 (Chieftain since 1973). Commuter and airliner development. Basic for a large series of developments that led to Cheyenne 400LS. PA-31-350 Chieftain improved, stretched version for 9 passengers with more powerful counter rotating engines. Production of the Navajo ceased in 1983 (1800 aircraft built) and of the Chieftain in 1984 (1825 aircraft built). Pressurized versions PA-31P Pressurized Navajo and PA-31P-350 Mojave. The PA-31-310 Navajo has 3 square and one rounded cabin window, the PA-31-350 has 4 square cabin windows. Chieftain: Length 10,6 m MTOW 3,200kg.